Our Rehabilitation Center

Our Rehabilitation Center2018-10-18T18:52:15+00:00

Now that construction on our new center is progressing, we are thinking about what we need to furnish and equip the building.

Tables!  We need lots of folding 6’ plastic tables.  They can be used, stained, or new as long as they are sturdy, but we are going to need tables for the nursery cages and incubators, for folding laundry, and for prepping food.

We will also need new or gently used cabinets and metal shelving units.  Because the interior of the building will be an open bay concept, we need cabinets and shelving not only for storing supplies but also for dividing the space.

Another way you can help us is by donating towards outfitting the center with necessary furniture and equipment. Find out how to donate via PayPal or check here.