We are pleased to announce that things are starting to come together.  Site preparation should begin within the week, weather permitting, followed by foundation framing, plumbing, and the pouring of concrete for the building foundation.  Once the concrete foundation is in place, the 2,400 square-foot metal building will be erected.  We are currently looking into building insulation and HVAC design.  In addition, we have modified our interior building layout to add a 10×10 water storage/pump room.  Further, TXU has been contacted and will be bringing in electricity.

With the cooperation of the many people who will be working on the building and the weather, we hope to begin moving in sometime this fall.  At that time, we will be turning to our supporters for donations so that we can buy plumbing fixtures, appliances, and furniture for the center.  In particular, we are going to need a washer and dryer, freezer, two refrigerators, six sinks of various sizes and styles, a shower cabinet, and a toilet.  For furniture, six-foot long tables will be needed for the nursery along with tables for folding laundry and preparing food.  Storage cabinets and large shelves will be a necessity.  We will also need a desk and conference table with chairs.  On our list for the hospital are an x-ray, anesthesia machine, surgery table and light, and oxygen tent.

There’s so much to do, but, once our intake center is operational, ATW will be able to save many more unfortunate wild birds and animals.  We are grateful for all the help we have received from our generous and faithful supporters.