Education is Our Priority

When the founders of All Things Wild Rehabilitation wrote the mission statement for the new organization in 2012, they put education before rehabilitation because they felt strongly that wildlife education is a continuing priority.

Fast-forward eight years after the founders put education first in the mission statement, and ATW is ready to build an education center next to the rehabilitation facility in Georgetown. We envision the center to be a place where education programs can be held for audiences of all ages from young children to senior citizens. Everyone attending an ATW education program will not only learn about various species of wild animals but how to co-exist with wild animals and how to stay safe while respecting and treating the animals with kindness and compassion. With the center co-located to the rehabilitation facility, it will be easier and less stressful for education animals to participate in the programs.

We are beginning the fund drive to raise money for the new building. We estimate that construction, furnishings, and equipment will cost $75,000. However, once completed, we will have a 900 square-foot space with state-of-the-art audio/visual capability where kids and adults can learn about wildlife, nature, and conservation.