Duckworth Vodka Gift Basket Item

$170.00 / Ticket

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Located in the middle of Dallas, TX, Duckworth Vodka is a small distillery producing some of the highest quality and cleanest spirits made anywhere. Carefully hand-crafted in small batches, distilled seven times to perfection and filtered excessively (usually more than 1,000 times), this is a vodka lovers dream. It is simply art in a bottle.

The Duckworth Vodka package includes one (1) bottle each of our award-winning vodkas:

  • Sipping Vodka – Smooth as silk straight up or in the finest martini
  • French Oak Vodka – Subtle notes of vanilla and clove warm this vodka which is perfect alone or as a complex note to your favorite cocktail
  • Dry Grapefruit-Mango Vodka – No added sugar or artificial sweetener here! This ultra-smooth vodka features a hint of pure grapefruit and mango for a guilt-free refreshing zing.
  • Truffle Vodka – Kissed with prized French black winter truffles, this indulgent, earthy vodka has notes of cocoa, is just perfect in a Bloody Mary.

Valued at $170!

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