If you have found an animal, please review the information provided on the I Found An Animal page as human intervention is often not needed. If you still need to contact us about an animal, please call our hotline instead of sending an email or contacting us through social media for a prompt response.

Please Keep In Mind

  • We do not have anyone designated to answer phones and we are caring for animals at the same time that we take your call.
  • If we do not answer, it would be better to call back after a few minutes than to leave a message.
  • We are open Monday through Sunday all year. Our current hours are 9 am to 4 pm.
  • We are unable to offer any pickup services and are drop-off only.
  • Our address is not published, and you will need to call us for the address of our facility.


Our staff and volunteers answer this hotline during our regular hours: 512-897-0806.

Nighttime and After Hours

Please keep the animal in a kennel or box with a shallow dish of water in a quiet place, away from pets and children. Our resources here may provide additional guidance on how to temporarily care for the animal you have found. Call ATW the next morning.

If you need to contact us about a matter other than finding an animal, please email us at [email protected].