The All Things Wild Rehabilitation education program supports wildlife conservation with a focus on local wildlife through outreach programs that bring native Texas to you. Part of our mission at All Things Wild Rehabilitation is to promote wildlife conservation by teaching children and adults about the beauty and value of our wildlife. Because Texas wildlife belongs to all of us, we want to encourage stewardship and appreciation of our native animal species. The continuing loss of habitat brings wildlife in contact with people now more than ever before. It is imperative that people learn about the importance of conserving habitat for wildlife. We will bring our education animals into your classroom, your scout group, your church or service group, and talk about wildlife and their role in our environment.

We ask for prior notice, about one month, when scheduling a program. All of our presenters are volunteers, and we may not always be able to fulfill your request. Please also understand that our animal ambassadors may not always want to go on a program, and we will not force them. We ask you to be flexible in what type of animal you expect to see. Presentations cost $100 to help pay for the care of the wildlife.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please complete and submit the form below. Thank you!

Program Application