Sun City Living with Wildlife

Sun City 2 Texas Dr, Georgetown, TX, United States

Learn more about saving orphaned wild babies. No reservations required.

Learning About Wildlife: Squirrels

Little Red Schoolhouse 300 Havelka Rd, Georgetown, TX, United States

This event will be presented by Amanda Reynolds, All Things Wild’s Assistant Manager for Operations.  Amanda loves to care for squirrels and wants to pass on her love and understanding to you. Reservations open March 1.


ATW Kids’ Club

Little Red Schoolhouse 300 Havelka Rd, Georgetown, TX, United States

Kids will get to learn about beavers.  For more information and to make a reservation, contact Carol Davis at [email protected].  All kids and their adults are welcome. Since it’s Spring Break, please let Carol know if you are coming.  If there aren’t enough kids, the Club may be postponed until April.

Rentsch Brewery Hoppy Hour

Rentsch Brewery 2500 NE Inner Loop #3105, Georgetown, TX, United States

All Things Wild will be at Rentsch Brewery for Hoppy Hour in anticipation of Easter. Come meet some of our ambassador animals and listen to live music with Lizzie Street. No registration needed.

Georgetown Market Days on the Square

Georgetown Market Days 100 W 8th St, Georgetown, TX, United States

Stop by our booth near the intersection of 8th and Main to meet some ambassador animals and check out our animal-themed merchandise. No registration needed.

Learning About Wildlife: Tortoises

Little Red Schoolhouse 300 Havelka Rd, Georgetown, TX, United States

Dr. Andrea Gore with Reptile Conservation International will present an enjoyable and informative program on tortoises, specifically Texas Gopher Tortoises, that are native to our state and are endangered.  Come meet some tortoises and learn more about these fascinating creatures.  Reservations open March 30.


Springtime Baby Shower Begins

Our annual Springtime Baby Shower will kick off with an online raffle and a special Amazon gift registry to support the hundreds of orphaned wild babies that are flooding into our rehabilitation center.  Watch for more information in our April 15 newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter, scroll to the bottom of the page of […]

Junior Rehabilitators’ Club (Kids’ Club)

The Junior Rehabilitators' Club (Kids’ Club) will meet at 9 am near the playground at the Round Rock Earth Day celebration (Old Settler’s Park at the Rabb Pavilion).  For more information, and to sign up, contact Nancy Dytrich at [email protected].